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One-Line Bio

Wife, Mother, Concept Artist, product designer, Writer and silly girl!


Thank you for Visiting Poppy Paperie! I love stamping and paper crafting as well as sharing tidbits of my life. To me, creativity is a cumulative experience where life combined with imagination produces Art.

Why do I blog? Well... it started as a journal of sorts. I really yearned for a place where I could be myself and share openly. A place to express my joys both professionally and private. For me... a concept artist puts so much of themselves into their work... that the line between the private and professional becomes invisible.

Why Poppy Paperie for the name?
Poppies are one of the flowers that reminds me of art the most. Monet talked about their translucency because of being a single petal flower, they are usually brightly colored and are able to thrive in the most obscure places. Yet... they are one of the hardest flowers to transplant. They are Delicate and bold...and sometimes misunderstood. So... I feel a bit of a kinship with them. I may be bold in nature... but i feel deeply... and that tends to make me feel slightly delicate.
I was chatting with a friend about what to name my blog... and Poppy Paperie Popped out. She was so great helping me create my first banner with her paper poppies.

What is it that I actually do?
Well... this is harder to explain then I would like it to be.. but here it goes. I create items using products directly for manufacturers for their use in Marketing those products, use their products to create items for submission to editors for publication. If it is accepted I write the copy (mini article) for the item. I also write articles for magazines. Lastly, I am a Clear stamp and Die designer for My Favorite Things and have a great time digitally designing stamps and creating with the finished product. This is a dream come true!
Most importantly.... I am the mother of 4 beautiful daughters...and wife to a pretty patient husband. So.. while I enjoy the work aspect of life... Family is first and essential.


stamping, movies, singing, paper crafting, dancing and most importantly, hanging out with my hubs & playing with my girls!